So the eo4e02 episode involves the Hale vault losing all their bond money, and I think it’s a great jumping point to have Peter start making a will.
Now i hate the shit out of Malia’s writing so far because probably Allison reasons—or who knows ridiculous shipping reasons and maybe Jeff Davis reasons idk—(edit: oh wow was I wrong about Malia. She’s one of my favourite characters this season!) but she’s Scott’s cousin by lol proxy. I think it would be a great idea if Peter had a bout of concern for others and decided to figure out where his assets should go before he dies. And he probably will die in the tenth season because Jeff Davis and the audience loves this guy.

you know. assets like burned and empty property or locker stock or something. derek doesn’t just hang out on school property for no reason right? there’s gotta be some at legal reason for that.

"No," Stiles interrupted. "It’s not like he exactly ‘sired’ you."
"He bit me. That’s the entire reason our lives are different now!”
"Okay, maybe, alright, fair enough. Maybe werewolves operate on sires," Stiles admitted. Admitted that it was only when it convenienced them privately. "Yet you absolutely rejected his sudden, twisted, paternal bond he decided to impose on you this morning. You never even joined his pack when all of this started anyway, so why is he coming to you now after he’s become more of a creepy old man just by being broke besides unloved?"
Fair point, and it wasn’t as if Scott was raring to be inducted into the Hale Hall of Fail in the first place, but it was an issue of priorities. Whatever suspect spontaneous feelings of responsibility an opportunistic werewolf had in mind could take a backseat to the obvious problem.
"Malia I understand, because," lowering his voice to a nearly absent whisper, "she’s his you know what." Making sure he couldn’t hear her stalking nearby, Scott continued. "Peter didn’t say anything about taking care of Derek."

Brothers, and any corresponding ‘family values’ held little meaning to her. Malia had family of course, but pretending that extended beyond Dad and Stiles made no sense. Sure, Peter fucked her mom, but he sure didn’t stay as hell behind to raise her or claim her. She knew he wasn’t aware of their relationship for whatever reason, and she didn’t care to know about his choice to be ignorant of it. Why should their imaginary bond hold him back from being the imaginary cool guy he thinks he is? And since when did kin not recognize pack?
Whatever ‘DEE EN, EH?” testing meant, she never remembered a single moment where any of Peter’s comatose calls reached out to her. Scott maybe. He McCalled him, heh.
But they never reached her.


Nobody understands my love for headcanoning Steve Carlsberg as a cool and well-meaning father who just rubs Cecil the wrong way for petty reasons, or even Cecil as an unreliable narrator when it comes to the things and people he loves/hates.

Or at least not a lot of people understood my love over a year ago. Thank you, Oak Door Part B! Steve being like a Ned Flanders to Cecil’s Homer Simpson is all the validation I ever wanted ♥

Anywho, I read this fic ages ago when I was desperate to find other fans who thought like me, and it’s still great even with a slightly jossed Steve (he’s more exasperated and sarcastic than obliviously chatty and prone to hulk out) and Janice (Michaela here, and able-bodied). Takes place right after Desert Storm, and features a feral dog taking the piss out of him and the town.

why-are-usernames-so-difficult asked: Hey, I'm reading ALYNA right now and it's really good and I think you're amazing ok I'll stop now have a wonderful day


Eeeehuhuhu—thank you I will proceed to continue to kick ass today ♥

I don’t know or remember what ALYNA stands for though, so I feel like I’m missing half this message.

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I painted an Ace Attorney still life, and also made a gif showing my work process (key word: indecisive). Nothing is in here from the fifth game because I started this before it came out, and though I’m still playing through it slowly, it isn’t really grabbing me so far.

Prints available on Etsy here!

Marauders Era dream cast

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Lil’ doodle of my favourite capitalist.
Dude, I want your outfits. All of them.


Lil’ doodle of my favourite capitalist.

Dude, I want your outfits. All of them.

Natasha Kudashkina paints a giant Munny all freestyle with acrylic


A better look at #tbt Writers Block from 06 to 09 #yegsa #graffiti